Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour review on CultBox

I reviewed Doctor Who: The Blazing Hour for CultBox. For me, it had its moments, but failed to score highly for reasons I cover in the review. You can read my thoughts here: Doctor Who audio drama The Blazing Hour review. +++ Message Ends +++

Short Trips: Trap for Fools review

A new writer to the Short Trips range (though possibly is the actor who has appeared in many Big Finish releases, including lots of early Benny stories), Stephen Fewell has the distinction of writing for Mark Strickson in the Fifth Doctor / Turlough story A Trap for Fools. I’m biased, but I do like the Short Trips range, and this is another…

The Memory Bank announced

A May Bank Holiday news piece gives details of the October release in the Big Finish Doctor Who main range. Full information on the Big Finish website: DOCTOR WHO: THE MEMORY BANK AND OTHER STORIES. This means we’ve had five Peter Davison Fifth Doctor boxsets in 2016, and we get a somewhat overdue set of stories for the Doctor and Turlough.

Gardens of the Dead reviewed on Cultbox

The 2016 Short Trips range kicked off with the Jenny T Colgan Fifth Doctor story Gardens of the Dead. This is a great Turlough story set very early in his time as part of the TARDIS crew, and Mark Strickson makes a great job of reading this. My thoughts are part of the monthly collection of Doctor Who reviews I…