Legacy of Time: Relative Time review

If the third story in the Legacy of Time boxset was a little light on plot, the fourth story, Relative Time is from some angles wafer thin. This story brings the Fifth Doctor into play and the relative angle is (guess!) his daughter in many sense of the word Jenny. It’s another crossover but also…

Jenny comes to Big Finish

In one of the most leaked items of recent time, Georgia Tennant (aka Georgia Moffett) will be reprising the role of Jenny for Big Finish. The news item tells more: JENNY: THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER IS COMING TO BIG FINISH.

Georgia Moffett update

Judging by the recent (July 17, 2017) top items on this blog, you might be wondering why I’ve not mentioned the leaked news of a Jenny boxset (well, apart from then!) coming from Big Finish.

Could Georgia Moffett reprise Jenny for Big Finish?

Obviously most things are possible, so in the most abstract the answer to this (oft asked) question is yes. Why blog about it now? Well things might be changing… once again Big Finish might be in a position to bring back part of the show on audio. Could Jenny by coming to Big Finish?