Zaltys review

Main range release 223 is Zaltys, a good Fifth Doctor story from Matthew J Elliott. Released in March 2017, the TARDIS crew of Nyssa, Adric and Tegan find themselves badly in need of friends on the planet of the dead. The story marks the end of this the first main range trilogy with Adric, and it will…

The Contingency Club reviewed

Sometimes you get to the end of a story and think so what? Sometimes you don’t know what you think, not why you think it. In the case of Phil Mulryne’s Fifth Doctor main range story The Contingency Club there are no such problems. It’s a charming, well-told story with much to recommend.

The Star Men reviewed

Andrew Smith kicked off 2017’s main range with The Star Men. It’s a Fifth Doctor story with companions Adric, Nyssa and Tegan — yes, Matthew Waterhouse hits the main range after many years of waiting. How was it? Full of vivid imagination and some great moments for Adric. You want more? Read on…

Main range covers released until March 2017

I like the artistic side of Doctor Who, so it’s great to see a new set of main range covers announced by Big Finish. There’s Flip in December’s Sixth Doctor story, and Adric joining the Fifth Doctor. Plenty to look forward to in all these stories, and I look forward to listening and reviewing. Which ones are you…

Short Trips A Full Life review on Cultbox

I reviewed the very, very good Joe Lidster Short Trips: A Full Life on CultBox. It’s an Adric, Fourth Doctor and Romana story and Matthew Waterhouse is outstanding in it. A must listen, the review is part of my joint September reviews with Ian McArdell: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: September 2016 reviews round-up. +++ Message Ends…

Adric in the main range and other news

Big Finish has announced Matthew Waterhouse has reprised Adric for the main range, with Andrew Smith writing the first story, The Star Men, coming January 2017. Not only do we have details of a whole Fifth Doctor trilogy in: DOCTOR WHO: ADRIC ARRIVES IN THE MAIN RANGE!, but the pages for the next Sixth Doctor and Constance trilogy are also updated.

Kinda reviewed

Thanks to the Horror Channel I am slowly catching up with 1980s Doctor Who. For many reasons I missed a lot of the Davison and early Colin Baker years, finally I get to sit down and consider them for what they are. Christopher Bailey’s Kinda is the first of a trilogy that will include Snakedance and the Lost Story Children…

Fifth Doctor boxset Starburst review

Here’s a link to my Starburst review of the Fifth Doctor Boxset. Another view on when Adric returned to the TARDIS and how the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa all fit together. All comments welcome! -=- Message Ends -=-

Fifth Doctor boxset reviewed

The Fifth Doctor Boxset sees the return of Matthew Waterhouse to the character of Adric, something for a long time seemed unlikely to ever happen. The set comprises two full cast stories each of two discs (so just like the main range) plus a disc of extras. This is very much the format of many boxsets at present….

Fifth Doctor boxset – details announced

Big Finish has announced the details for the return of Adric. The article on the Big Finish news stream tells us that the whole team – Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan will be appearing in two stories which will be available from August 2014. Pre-order prices are £25 for CD and £20 for download. The…

Adric Returns!

Announced via the Big Finish twitter feed, Matthew Waterhouse is back in studio with Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton to reprise his role as Adric. All we know so far is that he will appear in the main range in 2014. More details as they emerge. +++ Message Ends +++

Smoke and Mirrors reviewed

May 1st brought us the Fifth Doctor story Smoke and Mirrors; this is in the Destiny of the Doctor series and is performed by Janet Fielding as Tegan supported by Tim Beckmann. So far I have been pleased with all of these stories and my perception is that most people have enjoyed them as well. How then did…