Eric Roberts’s Master to meet Vienna!

Eric Roberts and Chase Masterson
Eric Roberts and Chase Masterson

Big Finish has released details of new stories for the Master (on top of yesterday’s announcement) and this time it’s the Eric Roberts incarnation, as seen on TV in The Movie. Three stories to be released March 2021. Full details below.


Call him… Master! It’s been 24 years since his first appearance fighting Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. Now he’s back! And it’s about time!  

Eric Roberts returns to play the Master, as originally seen in the 1996 TV Movie, Doctor Who. Now he’s escaped the Time Vortex to wreak havoc upon the universe in his very own box set of brand new, full-cast audio adventures, due for release in March 2021.  

Along the way, he’ll meet old enemies, new companions and the universe’s most glamorous and dangerous bounty hunter, Vienna Salvatori (a special guest appearance by Chase Masterson).  

MASTER! is now available for pre-order as a collector’s edition three-disc box set (on CD at £19.99) and as a digital download (at £16.99), exclusively from   

Abandoned in the Vortex, the Master’s lost incarnation is about to be thrown a lifeline. 

Earth rebuilds in the aftermath of invasion, and power rests with those who innovate. Genius Lila Kreeg makes a deal with the devil to see her dreams fulfilled. 

As the Master returns, there are those – like Vienna Salvatori – who wish to hunt him, and those upon whom he wishes vengeance himself… 

The Master will be doing his dastardly deeds in three thrilling new stories:  

Faustian by Robert Valentine 

Prey by Robert Whitelock 

Vengeance by Matt Fitton 

Director, Jamie Anderson, said:

“Entering this Blade Runner-esque world with the TV Movie Master was a real thrill for me, and it’s been a joy to hear our brilliant cast interacting with the effortlessly evil Eric Roberts. The future this writing trio have created is a thrilling place to adventure for three one-hour stories, and listeners are in for a treat when they get to meet the future Earth’s characters – both good and evil. 

Producer, David Richardson added:

“The Master continues his cunning plan, by stealth, to take over the Big Finish release schedule – we have the War Master, we have Missy, and now the Movie Master has his own box set, reaching out for help from the Time Vortex – and finding new allies and new foes. Think Killing Eve in a dystopian future and you may just get a taster of what this new direction for the Master looks like.” 

MASTER! is now available for pre-order as a collector’s edition three-disc box set (on CD at £19.99) and as a digital download (at £16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website.  

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  1. Simon Wood says:

    I’ve genuinely and unironically enjoyed Roberts’ return to the role in The Lifeboat and the Deathboat and Day of the Master and pairing him up with Vienna seems inspired. I do hope it’s lethal bounty-hunter Vienna (not pseudo buddy-cop Vienna) but this is very promising.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Jones says:

      Simon, thanks for dropping by. I’m intrigued to know which Vienna we get as well


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