Master! arrives!

Out today the Master is back, and this time it’s the Eric Roberts flavour. The full press release is below, or you could just download your copy and start listening!

Masterful cover reveal!

Big Finish has just released the cover for Masterful. It’s interesting — count the number of Masters! There’s also more detail on the release itself particularly the extras. The press release is below.

Eric Roberts’s Master to meet Vienna!

Big Finish has released details of new stories for the Master (on top of yesterday’s announcement) and this time it’s the Eric Roberts incarnation, as seen on TV in The Movie. Three stories to be released March 2021. Full details below.

River Song 5.3 The Lifeboat and The Deathboat review

You can rely on Eddie Robson to find an unexpected angle on a story, and in the third in the River Song meets the Masters boxset, The Lifeboat and The Deathboat he does just that. This time it’s the Eric Roberts Master making a first (please not his only) appearance in a Big Finish story as we…

River vs The Master(s)

In the latest DWM (and confirmed on the Big Finish site) we learn all about the fifth River Song boxset. No, River isn’t meeting more incarnations of the Doctor, instead it’s four stories and four incarnations of… The Master! And that’s only half the story: the Master will be played by Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Gomez…