Spyfall 1 roundup

We’ve had a few days to mull over Spyfall 1 and I’m quote surprised how much debate there’s been over this. Many found it dull or flawed. As many loved the reveal (spoilers after the break) as were obsessed with arguing about that it meant. A microcosm of that is this thread on the Divergent Universe. I’ll cover some views below…

Spyfall 1 reviews and updates

I do like the Radio Times review: a slick Bond spoof with a bonkers villain and clues hidden in plain sight. Over on the Doctor Who Companion James Baldock ups the pun count in his well written REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO – SPYFALL, PART 1.

The Radio Times has also started a podcast review Listen to RadioTimes.com’s Doctor Who podcast: Spyfall – Episode One review if that’s more your thing.

The BBC themselves is light on website content but pushing stuff out on YouTube. In one piece, Sacha Dahwan explains the TV history of the Master and pretty much confirms his Master is post-Missy. That’s going to get people talking and to be honest good on Chris Chibnall. As Monty Python once had Oscar Wilde explain:

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about

The Sacha Dahwan piece is: A Brief History of the Master | Doctor Who.

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