Is series 12 make or break for Doctor Who?

Yes the title’s a click bait hook, but I do think the positioning of series 12 is important. I’ve already said the show has peaked, and the trend will eventually end in another prolonged absence from our screens. Let’s be optimistic though. Spyfall is on screen in under four hours, and the BBC has already released some pictures. I’m somewhat confident this run will make up ground with fans who’ve lost their faith in Doctor Who, but it’s not founded on facts.

Diminishing returns

It isn’t 2005. We are used to Doctor Who being on our screens, we are used to the show being around. Competition is high all round. Yes Jodie Whittaker has made new fans but it’s also true to say others have used her and Chris Chibnall as reason to damn the show and it’s variable ratings.

You can read what you want into statistics, but the novelty of a female Doctor has passed. I think even the most naturally positive will be more critical and I’m pleased we have the big guns (Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry) rolled out for a double-episode James Bond inspired story.

Will it be enough? Yes, we’ll look hard at ratings, overnights and AI scores – the modern version of tea leaves – but at some point we need the show to be broadly more popular.

I’ll come back to this concept at the end of the series (if not before). Until then, roll-on 6:55 today! And Sunday! Gosh! What a start for 2020!

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