An Electric Storm at 50 (Delia Derbyshire Day 2019)

Fifty years ago (June 1969) the trio of artists known as White Noise released An Electric Storm. Why do Doctor Who fans need to know this? Well it’s because the trio included none other than Delia Derbyshire. It also included another BBC Radiophonic Workshop wizard Brian Hodgson. It will celebrated at this years Delia Derbyshire Day.

Delia Derbyshire Day

This has been running since 2013 and the website has lots of relevant material about Delia, this years event (focussed on Manchester) and even a game where you can make your own music!

If you want a more music industry view of events, try this from Sound on Sound: White Noise – An Electric Storm.

Note to self: add album to must listen list!

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