Time’s Assassin review

Guy Adams picks up the adventures of the Fourth Doctor and new assistant WPC Ann Kelso where he left them at the end of The False Guardian. From here on in it’s spoilers a-plenty, I’m afraid. Buckle up and prepare for trouble!

Things are going from bad to worse on Kembel as Zephon (son of Zephon from The Dalek Masterplan) wants to kill the Doctor. And someone calling themselves Mavic Chen is on the Doctor’s side! And there are Varga plants. So, that’s most of the spoilers from the first boxset out the way and a chance to enjoy again the clever titles and other hints.

Apart from all the above, there’s also a mad evil scientist (Blake Ritson as Elmore), happily creating hybridised monsters from the guests at the Kembel sanitarium where the Doctor, Ann and K9 have been getting to know various drones, guests and staff. Zephon hates the Doctor and is happy to give him to Elmore for his experiments.

We learn of Zephon’s desire to join the Syndicate and start to learn of the various layers at the heart of this year’s boxsets; we also learn how Zephon is more keen on joining the Syndicate than having the Doctor killed, and the Doctor could be his way in. If only he hadn’t given him to Elmore!

Before Zephon can change his mind, the Doctor is destroyed (or so it seems) and as Zephon descends into a mix of anger and fear, the base is attacked, hybrid creatures come to the defence (a mixed blessing) and it all goes very pear shaped for nearly everyone. Thankfully Mavic Chen is on hand to help lead the way.

Where Time’s Assassin is more Doctor-focussed than False Guardian, and there are some surreal moments in a strange spirit world, Ann Kelso has some tricks up her sleeve as well. How will this develop? I’d better fire up the next story, Fever Island.

Time’s Assassin is highly enjoyable, and this second set of four stories is of to a grand start!

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