Thoughts ahead of The Witchfinders

This Sunday brings us another historical in the form of The Witchfinders. The trailer gave away little apart from the presence of James I and various witch trails (some of which Big Finish has done in the past year or so, with Nyssa getting dunked).

I’ve a few thoughts…

There be witches… maybe!

Checking out writer Joy Wlkinson’s CV (from her blog) she has a wide range of experience in TV, radio and theatre. I hope this is a pure historical, but the odds are against me and no doubt the witches will be some form of alien witch with mental powers mistaken for magic. The presence of James I is interesting and I wonder if we will have a Catholic / Protestant angle on this story. Beyond that I just want the Doctor to develop the edge I saw in Kerblam! and for all the TARDIS team to have something legitimate to do. Will the Doctor be mistaken for a witch (as in the novel I am reading)? It’s possible! Maybe Graham is a sorcerer?

Let’s find out on Sunday! *Unless you already watched in Amazon Prime!

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