Thoughts ahead of Demons of the Punjab

Demons of the Punjab.jpgSo, we cross the half-way point of series 11 and head for India, 1947. Partition.

Everyone looks somber in the official gallery for Demons of the Punjab, and I assume BAFTA winning writer Vinay Patel will no doubt have plenty to tell us about the failings of government at the time.

Demons of the Punjab thoughts

As we found in Rosa, I expect Demons of the Punjab to stare the failings of Britain with regards partition straight in the eye. I had only passing awareness of details, so I read around a bit (and there may be more appropriate sites). This BBC piece helped me: The Hidden Story of Partition and its Legacies.

From the trailer, this is not just a historical, and something happens to the Doctor to take her to a strange barn [surely not connected to various barns in the Moffat era?], and woods reminiscent of the reveal in 2017. We also see a buried spaceship (?) or something similar. I don’t believe we will get aliens and my guess is the demons are either mental projections or possessed people. I don’t really mind either way, but I’d quite like a Stenza mind-control device just to mix up the series!

I don’t mind being educated by Doctor Who, and I’m not pretending Britain is without blame for events at the time, but I also want to be entertained. The setting looks fantastic from the clip, and I’m feeling positive about this episode. Please let’s also avoid exposition beyond the natural reminiscences from Yaz about family stories.

More next week after transmission!

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