Torchwood 6: God Among Us

Big Finish has announced Torchwood 6 — God Among Us the follow on the the rather brilliant Torchwood 5 — Aliens Among Us. The news item is: GOD IS COMING IN TORCHWOOD SERIES 6. I’m guessing series 7 might be called The Devil Among Us, but that’s just a guess! We have quite a lot of detail already…

Detail for Torchwood 6 God Among Us

God Among Us kicks off a few days after the Aliens Among Us finale, but not everyone has made it out alive…

John Barrowman returns as Captain Jack Harkness, joined by Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman, Paul Clayton as Mr Colchester, Alexandria Riley as Ng, Samantha Béart as Oor, Jonny Green as Tyler Steele and Tom Price as Sergeant Andy Davison. Leading the Sorvix is Rachel Atkins returning as Ro-Jedda.

Four new episodes of the sixth series of Torchwood will be available from October 2018.

When a god comes to Cardiff, the world goes to Hell.

6.1 Future Pain by James Goss

6.2 The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood by Guy Adams

6.3 See No Evil by John Dorney

6.4 Night Watch by Tim Foley

For my part I note the absence of Gwen and Rhys, no surprise given series 5 and Eve Myles’s busy diary. I’m really pleased to see Orr is still with us, and hope Sam Béart gets some good material to work with. Yvonne Hartman, Mr Colchester… I already can’t wait for October!

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