Christmas Day of the Doctors

So, this year (2017) our Christmas Day Doctor Who treat is a multi-Doctor regeneration story and we have (so far) Peter Capaldi and David Bradley as the Twelfth and First Doctors respectively. We also have the (as yet unannounced) Thirteenth Doctor, and Clara Oswald probably.

Is that it? I wonder…

The Doctors of Christmas Day

In my head this episode will be about both Doctors persuading each other of the need to regenerate. We know Capaldi is bidding us farewell, but I wonder, will we also get the regeneration of Bradley’s First Doctor into the Second Doctor? Would that mean Reece Shearsmith perhaps (he and Bradley were both in An Adventure in Space and Time). Perhaps even a voice from the old TARDIS of Polly (Anneke Wills) or even Ben Jackson (now voiced so well be Elliot Chapman)?

My thought is we might get as any as four Doctors. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

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