First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 review

I did rather enjoy The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 and said as much in the review I wrote for CultBox: Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 review. It’s a great pair of Matt Fitton / Guy Adams stories and bodes well for the future. *_* Message Ends *_*

Twice Upon a Time review

So, the end of several eras and lots of nostalgia in a Christmas special combining multiple Doctors, plenty of reflection and the thinnest of stories supporting some great performances. Twice Upon a Time delivered what it promised, no less and perhaps no more. There are many spoilers to follow; you’ve been warned!

David Bradley to star in the First Doctor Adventures

In what may have seemed inevitable with his appearance in the TV episode Twice Upon a Time, Big Finish has today announced a new series of First Doctor Adventures with David Bradley playing the First Doctor. Not only do these feature David Bradley, but the rest of the TARDIS cast from An Adventure in Space and Time are appearing:…

Christmas Day of the Doctors

So, this year (2017) our Christmas Day Doctor Who treat is a multi-Doctor regeneration story and we have (so far) Peter Capaldi and David Bradley as the Twelfth and First Doctors respectively. We also have the (as yet unannounced) Thirteenth Doctor, and Clara Oswald probably. Is that it? I wonder…