Thoughts ahead of Eaters of Light

So, already we are at episode 10 of series 10, and it’s Eaters of Light. Roman soldiers, ominous title, it is forever doomed to be known as the one written by Rona Munro. Basic facts established, what am I looking forward to?

Let’s chat…

Eaters of Light

First the Rona Munro piece. If you’re that sort of fan, you know (and care about) Rona Munro having previously written Survival, the final broadcast story for the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Incidentally a triv bonus for knowing Lisa Bowerman appeared as one of the cat people. For me it’s no big deal having Rona return; Survival had it’s moments, and I even guessed back when I re-watched in 2016 (see here). Moving on.

Roman soldiers, some stones (well at least in one of the promo pictures), makes me think a bit Pandorica, and not in a good way. Moving on.

From the longer trailer, this looks moody, decent CGI with a strange glowing hunting alien. As we all know from Alien, effects work better when it’s already twilight / dark / shadowy. I see Nardole (in dressing gown) and no Missy in the promo pictures, though she is listed. Maybe just a link to week 11 and the return of John Simm? Director Charles Palmer had done several stories for the show, and much else besides.

I enjoyed Empress of Mars, and I also expect to enjoy this one. Let’s chat more after!

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