Thoughts ahead of The Pyramid at the End of the World

So, I’ve pondered over Extremisand now we have The Pyramid at the End of the World, to look forward to this evening. It’s a big looking story, high stakes and needs to build on last week (in my view). I’ve seen the short trailers, now what am I looking forward to?

Pyramid at the End of the World

My first thoughts are what are we being shown? There’s no sign of MIssy, and if its a contemporary war story on Earth with aliens, where’s Kater Stewart and Osgood? I get the sense this is one where the Doctor wants to help humanity but finds (eg bio weapon?) they have few redeeming features, and maybe the Monks are offering a better deal.

Some details for next week’s Lie of the Land could be read as a follow on whereby the Doctor allows the Monks to run the world to save humanity from itself. If so then expect lots of high stakes and an angry, betrayed Bill. Beyond that, I have no thoughts, but let’s hope it has some internal consistency. Please let it also inform Extremis!

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