In place of the forum

forumI thought I’d post some more alternatives for fans missing the Big Finish Forum, now it has gone. If you scout around FaceBook you will find (at least) three places where you can network with others. (Amusingly FaceBook is down as I write this!). We wait to see if the NotT… forum becomes well established.

Some FaceBook options

I’m not a big fan of FaceBook and I don’t think it replaces a forum; it does a bit better than nothing though. I have found the following so far:

  • The Zero Roomspecifically setup as a holding area for Big Finish fans with the passing of the official forum
  • Big Finish Audioa large group (nearly 4,000 members) of people discussing Big Finish releases
  • Big Finish Listeners: a group of around 1,500 people, also discussing Big Finish.

Let me know if you are aware of any more and I’ll update the list. Big Finish themselves are also on FaceBook here.

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