How old is the Doctor?

Ages of the Doctor (small)I was wondering just how old the Doctor might be, as after all he aged rather a lot in Time of the Doctor. This led me to an article on TARDIS wikia – The Doctor’s ageI thought I would plot the various ages on a chart and see what it revealed.

The picture

Ages of the DoctorThe version of the picture to the left is my chart and you are welcome to blow up and examine.

Now it may not be the most elegant chart ever made but does show several things. I want to focus on the various gaps or lacks thereof.

First up is the gap between the oldest recorded age for the Second Doctor and Third Doctor. Plenty of time for the much theorised Series 6a.

The next big gap is the Eleventh Doctor much of which is just his time on Trenzalore which seemed to be 100s of years of same old saving the world. Plenty of time for Trenzalore Tales and lots more.

There is also the Eighth Doctor anomaly – at one stage he spends 100s of years on the planet Orbis (see Part 3: Darker Days) this seems to have been lost and renders either the Doctor’s memory unreliable (a theory Steven Moffatt likes) or Big Finish non-canon. Given the canonisation in Night of the Doctor maybe it is just timey-wimeyness, or maybe his body clock got re-set in the Time War?

Anyone else got any other observations?

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  1. Rich Marin says:

    Well, 6 waited 100 years while Evelyn was paralyzed in Bedtime Story and 7 was frozen in ice for about a million years in Frozen Time. While the latter probably doesn’t count, the former probably should.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      I agree about the ice (I didn’t like that idea) and haven’t heard 100 so wasn’t aware of bedtime story.

      Thanks for the detail – just helps prove that it’s a bit difficult to follow!


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