Twelve Doctors of Christmas (Cygnus Alpha version) [elsewhere]

The Twelve Doctors of ChristmasSo, my first crossover Doctor Who / Blake’s 7 post title. This is a plug for both an Exeter fanzine called Cygnus Alpha which is relaunching having vanished in the 1980s. Full details on the fanzine’s resurrection are on FaceBook.

Of interest is a fan-fiction project coming out over Christmas 2013 – The Twelve Doctors of Christmas which will be available free as a PDF file with optional charity donation or even a print book! Of course I intend to pick up a copy of this and will let you know what I thought.

Don’t confuse with

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas (Tor posts) which is in its own right worth reading (and did you know Paul Cornell originally wrote for Cygnus Alpha back in the day?)

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas (RedBubble) which is a nice piece of art by AliciaMB.

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