Doctor Who: Devious

Here’s something you might find interesting, Doctor Who: Devious. It’s a fan project, started around 1991 and only recently made it’s way to YouTube: Devious, a Doctor Who fan film, Episode 1. It’s a fascinating project, and website is well worth a look. *** Message Ends ***

The Halmstadt Troll

Here’s a thing, Bandrill Productions (as was) is now Beermat Productions, and are still producing free, unofficial fan versions of Doctor Who. Their latest is Doctor Who: The Halmstadt Troll. There’s lots of interesting looking material on their site, so why not have a look? — Message Ends —

What the Fans Think announced

Pencil Tip Publishing has announced What the Fans Think, a new series of books giving fans the chance to explore their favourite shows (and yes JR Southall did this before with the various You and Who books). The first will be Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Stay tuned to their blog if you’d like to contribute as submission guidelines…

Class lives on?

No sooner am I reporting the demise of Class, than I find an official fan-fiction site! It’s on Mixtal, as is the Doctor Who site: Class: FanFiction. Who knows, give it ten to twenty years, and it might come back bigger, shinier and renewed!

In praise of Dalek Gary

What happens when a Dalek gets stranded on Earth (California) and ends up in a version of The Office? The answer is Dalek Gary! Funded on KickStarter, this is a fan created set of six parodies available now. Gary is also on twitter (@DalekGary) and has his own FaceBook page.

Why not contribute to the UNIT fannual?

Following on from the success of the Peter Cushing Fannual, the Fannual team is at it once more. This time they are producing a UNIT themed Fannual (or fan annual that never was) and are calling for contributions. [Update 2016 – links don’t work and according to a FaceBook link the project is cancelled] Details…