Anniversary Daleks

Anniversary DaleksSo, we now learn that apart from the Zygons the anniversary special will also feature the Daleks as shown in the accompanying picture (form the official BBC web site). What I like about this is the picture itself – a proper action scene with proper Daleks. Hopefully the action is less token than the appearance in The Five Doctors (see The one with the kitchen sink). 

The 50th is a tricky beast – we can’t readily get all the Doctors, nor do we want lots of cameo aliens / companions as we had in The Five Doctors. One could argue that The Name of the Doctor (reviewed here) was actually part one of the anniversary story and it covered new ground. Less we forget, The Three Doctors trod completely new ground and brought us Omega (see my review – The one with ten years of history).

For reasons I can’t explain I am actually looking forward to enjoying the anniversary and will leave all the fannish complaining outside the room while I watch!

What do yo think? Is it good news for the anniversary or are you holding on for news of Paul McGann’s regeneration? Let me know!

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  1. Andrew Peel says:

    Nice to see from the pictures that they’re using proper Daleks, and not the redesigned “toy” version from series 5. Hopefully they’ve been consigned to where they belong in the dustbin for bad designs.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Nice to hear from you Mr P! Yes it looks like a return to traditional Skaro-esque values (or whatever the word is)


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