Destiny of the Doctor speculation

Digging around to find cover art or other details for the Destiny of the Doctors range I started to wonder who would be the narrator for the later stories. I don’t have any insight beyond having found Lalla Ward mentioned on an overseas website for the Fourth Doctor.

Refusing to let that stop me I began to think through who might yet appear in the range and thought I would write the list to allow me to check it at the end.

My thoughts

In the most obvious order, I suspect it might be:

  • Fifth Doctor: Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. I have some logic and think this the most likely choice Well I got this wrong and I wonder what take this will bring to the story (March update from Amazon) 0/1 Could do better
  • Sixth Doctor: Nicola Bryant as Peri – Nev Fountain is writing it, this must be likely Confirmed at Big Finish Day 3 1/2
  • Seventh Doctor: surely Sophie Aldred will take up the mantle as Ace once more? Confirmed at Big Finish Day 3 2/3
  • Eighth Doctor: now we get interesting, there are no recognised companions outside Big Finish and the books. I can’t imagine sorting out the copyright on Grace so I plump for India Fisher as Charley though I would prefer a Lucie Miller story or even something more obscure such as Fitz Kreiner again just for interest Digging around on Amazon it will be Michael Maloney as well as India 3/4
  • Ninth Doctor: new territory for Big Finish and I don’t think Billie will turn up as Rose. I predict Camille Coduri as Rose’s mother Jackie though of course Noel Clarke could reprise Mickey Smith – Noel of course has appeared in the Dalek Empire series Nick Briggs will lead this one as mentioned in a May podcast and Jonathan Schwab (guard in Dalek) 3/5
  • Tenth Doctor: again Noel Clarke or Camille are good shouts, I predict John Barrowman as Cpt Jack According to Wikipedeia it will be Catherine Tate and Duncan Wisbey (numerous parts in Big Finish plays) 3/6
  • Eleventh Doctor: no ponds I don’t think, Rory’s dad as a long shot, Jenna-Louise is too new I suspect one of the Paternoster gang and maybe Jenny Flint as played by Catrin Stewart. I should have stuck to Jenna-Louise Coleman with Nick Briggs and Michael Cochrane (Ghostlight and other Big Finish titles) 3/7

What do you think? Mostly wrong? Who would you pick? I think I will get four our of seven! Let’s check in November!


Tony, February 2013, updates March 2013

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  1. I’m interested to know why you think no Ponds for 11. They’ve already done some 11 audios, and Arthur has done a couple BFs.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Good question – I think the Ponds are a done deal with the Eleventh Doctor at this point and I know Karen has said she is not involved with the anniversary.

      Someone like Raquel Cassidy could be a choice (she has done some titles) by I just have a ‘vibe’ that it will be one of the Paternoster Gang. I am currently listening to the Justin Richards audio for Devil in the Smoke read by Dan Starkey who plays Strax and I now think he would be a good choice.

      Who knows?! Maybe I will ask Matt Fitton who wrote it!


      1. I definitely agree that if not the Ponds, the Paternoster gang seem likely. They seem to be ‘the thing’ lately. 🙂


      2. Tony Jones says:

        Yep – even appearing in little prequels! I will do some more digging though I know they haven’t recorded the eighth doctor onwards so are cagey about details


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