Prince Orpheus’ Castle (Now Prince Acheron’s Shadow)


It’s Friday (originally published on Jan 24th 2012) so it must be time for some idle speculation totally un-informed by any inside knowledge! Today I have been intrigued by the new Big Finish title announcements that run up until near the end of the year but lack some curious details – to whit who is the Doctor involved! Now, let’s speculate…


The three titles in questions are:

  • (165) The Burning Prince – September (2nd release) 2012 [Revealed as Fifth Doctor]
  • (166) The Orpheus Pulse – October 2012 (Now called The Acheron Pulse) [Revealed as Sixth Doctor]
  • (167) The Castle at the end of the World November 2012. (Now called Shadow Heart) [Revealed as Seventh Doctor]
By rights it is the turn of the Eighth Doctor but as has been pointed out to me, he (and Sixie and the Seventh) have specials out this year so may possibly not be recording as normal. I note that the Fourth Doctor is new on board but we seem to have a lot of material coming from that quarter so I discount that. What are the options…


Multi-Doctor: this covers a lot of sins but it could well be an arc across (e.g.) Sixie, Seven and Eight.

Mel: frequently in demand and could make an appearance (Nick Briggs has hinted as much though that might be  a more distant thing unless recorded soon) We also learn that Mel is returning elsewhere (here)

Thomas Brewster: could this be how he gets wrapped up from a Big Finish perspective with three glorious tales depicting his rise and fall?

DI Menzies: this could be the set of releases that starts her own spin-off (ok maybe one spin-off too far)

Charley: I for one think the Charley story could rest but then I have heard it recently due to my catching up with the main range (eg here and here); for others she is a more distant (and fond) memory.

My guess – the Mel / multi-Doctor which I think would be great; whatever happens I’m sure it will generate interest and enjoyment.

See you in September!

Update April 2nd

Suddenly the third episode has been renamed as Shadow Heart – no explanation but the mystery deepens!

Update April 12th

Suddenly the second episode is now called The Acheron Pulse – as this is the river over which Orpheus travelled to reach the underworld I can at least get a connection! Tension mounts!

Update May 2nd

We now know that it is the Fifth Doctor for at least the first of the three and are promised more tomorrow (in tandem with the release of Dr Who Magazine?) On the forums an early reader of the new DWM has in fact revealed they are adventures for three separate doctors Fifth, Sixth and Seventh!

So my original multi-doctor idea (above) proves correct. Now to get the linking theme!

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