Hartnell’s Doctor in colour!

No, don’t get too excited, it’s not a colourised First Doctor adventure! It’s is William Hartnell as though in a superbly coloured photo. This is by Stuart Manning – he’s been very quiet on the poster front, but this is rather a treat! ::: Message Ends :::

Will the BBC use AI to recreate missing episodes?

Here’s a questions: will the BBC ever use AI to remake missing episodes of Doctor Who. Long term the answer could be yes – given enough compute power, telesnaps and off-air recordings it must be possible. Is it being tested now? Rumour has it…

The Arrival of the Second Doctor

I found a good piece on the cusp between the First Doctor and Second Doctor on something called The BBC Genome Blog. The piece is by Andrew Martin (who I assume is the same person who has written with Justin Richards). The piece is: Doctor Who: The Regeneration Game.

The Space Museum – some thoughts

I’ve been watching the First Doctor series 2 story The Space Museum. It’s not at the top of most people’s top episodes from the 1960s, but I suggest it isn’t as bad as might be thought. Yes a lot of the acting doesn’t work (and there’s debate elsewhere about it being written as a comedy then reined back)….

Who’s Changing? Time to help

Just a plug for a crowd-funding campaign to produce a Who fan DVD in time for the anniversary. It’s easy to contribute and they aren’t seeking large investments. There are also a wide range of perks based any amount you contribute over £5. The picture on the left is from a post on GrantPerkins.com entitled…

The one with ten years of history – The Three Doctors reviewed

In a radical departure (and who knows it might even be a one-off) I am blogging about a Doctor Who story as I watch it. For this experiment I have selected another anniversary story The Three Doctors, having already reviewed The Renaissance of the Daleks here. Before I start watching I will note the few things I remember (I…