Happy Birthday Divergent Universe!

A quick mention for the Divergent Universe, the forum some of us helped set up when Big Finish stopped their forum. The Divergent Universe is now five years old! If you’ve never visited, why not have a look? It’s focussed on Big Finish but there’s a lot more as well. There’s even a fifth birthday…

Divergent Universe fan forum

With the passing of the Big Finish forum (now airbrushed away from the Big Finish front page), fans have collected together on a new forum. Called Divergent Universe it is fan run, community oriented and growing. There is also a twitter feed: @divergntunivers. If you want somewhere to talk Big Finish, why not visit? — Message Ends —

Absolution reviewed

The first main range release in the 100s was Absolution by Scott Alan Woodward (who also wrote Juggernauts and some other bits). This is an Eighth Doctor story and is pivotal as it tidies up the last of the Divergent Universe arc by disposing of C’rizz. This then allows for Charley to leave in two releases time in…

The Divergent Universe arc reviewed

Following various sales I collected all the Charley and Eighth Doctor stories from after Zagreus up until before The Girl Who Never Was. This comprises the stories from the Divergent Universe (which I review in this piece) and the subsequent stories (which I may review elsewhere). Scherzo also came in this set but that is reviewed here: Scherzo by Robert Shearman…

Scherzo by Robert Shearman reviewed

Robert Shearman’s Scherzo is, at least technically, the first story in the Divergent Universe arc. Even so I have decided to review it separately from the post on the whole arc for a number of reasons.