Big Finish Legacy of Time fanart competition

It’s a surprise Big Finish competition for November 23 and a chance for a fan artist to win every Big Finish Doctor Who release in 2020. All you have to do is create and share your own cover for Legacy of Time. There are also some 2019 releases as well!

Legacy of Time competition – some details

Full details on the Big Finish site here: Legacy of Time fanart competition, but highlights include:

We’re asking all artists (no matter what medium they work in – photography, video, motion graphics, painting, drawing, CGI) to create an alternative cover for our anniversary special, Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time, and post it on social media.  

One lucky winner, selected by a panel of judges, will win a fantastic prize for the best entry – a copy of every single Big Finish audio drama released during 2020 on collector’s edition CD, PLUS a lovely extra bundle in time for Christmas this year.  

The judging panel includes illustrator Ben Morris, whose work has featured in Doctor Who Magazine, and in the BBC books Whographica and Doctor Who: Paper Dolls

How to enter:  

Create artwork for an alternative cover of the Big Finish celebratory anniversary release, Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time.  


Follow @bigfinish on Twitter or ‘like’ the Big Finish Productions Facebook page and either: 

On Twitter: post your artwork with the hashtag #LegacyOfTime, and tag in @bigfinish  

On Facebook: post a photo of your artwork on the Big Finish Productions Facebook wall, making sure you include the hashtag #LegacyOfTime in your post.  

The competition is open between 12:00 BST on 23 November 2019 and 12:00 BST on 09 December 2019. Entrants must be 16+, UK residents only.

Good luck!

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