Could XXXXX return later in series 11

If you’ve  not seen The Woman Who Fell to Earthyou should find another post to read. Still here? Well in which case you’ll know about the last ten minutes of the story.

I’ve got an idea as to how certain events might get followed up, and I’ll discuss after the break…

It’s a time machine, stupid!

One thing that stood out for me with The Woman Who Fell to Earth was the death of Grace. It gives a definition to the new companions, particularly Ryan and Graham. There was no cheesy not really dead and it added impact to the episode. But… let’s join some dots…

  • Grace died falling from the crane
  • Graham, Ryan and Yaz go travelling with the Doctor
  • At some point they get to the TARDIS
  • The Doctor mentions it’s a time machine
  • Surely Graham and Ryan would want to change history and save Grace?

It’s an idea, and it’s what any grieving person would surely want to do. There’s an episode in Sheffield with the TARDIS according to the Jodie Whittaker twitter feed, so they get back. Even if not deliberate, imagine the dramatic power of the three companions having to watch events unfold again? Image Graham sneaking off to drop a hint to Grace to save her life? Could Graham die in her place?

I’ve no idea if any of this might happen, but it has dramatic potential. Maybe it’s the writer in me thinking out loud!

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