Time in Office – details announced

doctor-who-time-in-officeThe Big Finish main range release number 230 will be Time in Office, Fifth Doctor story by Eddie Robson. Out in September it is interesting on many levels, including the companions – Tegan and Leela!

Not only do we have an unusual  pairing in Tegan and Leela (who also meets the War Doctor this year!) but an interesting story idea as well.

Time in Office story idea

Every year (recently) we get a non-trilogy release of four short, half-disc length stories for a single Doctor. This time (September 2017) we have four stories, but all by the same writer (Eddie Robson) and they are closely linked by a theme — the Doctor is back on Gallifrey taking up the role of president!

There’s much more to it if you read the Big Finish news item: DOCTOR WHO – TIME IN OFFICE. I’m intrigued by this, and Eddie Robson has been absent for a while. Roll on September.

PS – if you get this story (or the other September release, you also get my Subscriber Short Trips story Helmstone!

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