Masterful news from Big Finish

Two MastersGreat news from Big Finish with announcement of a multi-master trilogy later this year. Much requested by fans at Big Finish Day (and elsewhere) this adds a nice poignancy to the main range, and the trilogy (available April — June 2016) should be a fan favourite. I also wouldn’t put it past Big Finish to reveal more as the dates approach; there’s no detail on companions for example.

Details below…

Details for the Two Masters

The news release is here, summary details are:

April: a Fifth Doctor story from Alan Barnes with Geoffrey Beevers in …And You Will Obey Me starting in a quiet English graveyard

May: enter the Sixth Doctor in the Justin Richards Vampire of the Mind and Big Finish’s own Alex Macqueen Master is assumed to be behind a spate of disappearances

June: the Seventh Doctor faces double jeopardy in John Dorney’s The Two Masters. I spot Lauren Crace in the cast who is brilliant in the Minister of Chance.

The whole trilogy is directed by Jamie Anderson – I assume Ken Bentley is busy with all the new Who. Now – any chance of Missy popping up?!



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