Series 9 titles and other details

Series 9 titlesSeries 9 of Doctor Who is spoiling us with teases. The latest of these is the official titles list on twitter (see pic). If you hunt around (and not very far), the BBC has also put together a useful summary of the episodes with details as far as they want us to know what Missy, Clara and the Twelfth Doctor are up to.

I’ve not speculated too much, so far, partly as I did already mention the Genesis of Davros idea, but mostly as so many people have seen previews it seems pointless.

I do notice something from the pattern of episodes though…

The episodes

1. The Magician’s Apprentice (Steven Moffat)
2. The Witch’s Familiar (Steven Moffat)
3. Under the Lake (Toby Whithouse)
4. Before The Flood (Toby Whithouse)
5. The Girl Who Died (Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat)
6. The Woman Who Lived (Catherine Tregenna)
7. The Zygon Invasion (Peter Harness)
8. The Zygon Inversion (Peter Harness)
9. Sleep No More ( Mark Gatiss)
10. Face The Raven (Sarah Dollard)
11. Heaven Sent (Steven Moffat)
12. Hell Bent (Steven Moffat)

We already know there are several pairs of episodes, though it looks to me as though it is mostly pairs. This means a very different beat to stories, and now the length approaches a typical four-part story for twentieth century Doctor Who. True the episodes were shorter, the stories sometimes three or six parts, but the length is similar, thought the beats are different.

On the evidence I am intrigued by most of it, and I look forward to sharing some thoughts as the weekends approach and pass. Until then, you just have to speculate about Karn and the prequel minisode.

Enjoy the wait!

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