Thoughts ahead of the Zygon Invasion

Clara - Zygon InvasionTomorrow’s Doctor Who gives the return of Osgood and The Zygon Invasion. Peter Harness wrote this (and also co-wrote next week’s Zygon Inversion) and also wrote last season’s Kill the Moon. I didn’t like Kill the Moon but am more than happy to treat Zygon Invasion on its merits. After all we get plenty to chew over…

First the return of Osgood, killed (or apparently not) by Missy last series. There is also the strong idea of 20 million Zygons living among us with plenty of chances for mistaken identity. The idea is strong except if true, why have they never become involved in any of the myriad alien invasion / other events in recent years. Did they get to vote on the moon’s fate, for example? Continuity – who needs it?!

Clara (or a Zygon Clara) totes a bazooka, channelling the spirit of Ace. We also have UNIT and Kate Stewart and will soon (November 9 according to the BBC on FaceBook) get more UNIT with the release of Extinction. It’s also a two-parter (again) and is meant to be very global.

To be honest I’m getting excited!

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