Day of the Fish Doctor – The Five Doctors Reboot

Day of the Fish DoctorObservant followers of twitter may have spotted a new user followed by some interesting people – I’m talking about @dayoftheFishDrThis is a hitherto little publicised Peter Davison project uniting Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and of course himself in something called The Five Doctors Reboot. If you are in the UK and have looked at the EPG for the BBC Red Button for after The Day of the Doctor you will see that The Five Doctors Reboot is on later in the evening on the 23rd of November.

This is after Colin Baker’s also little known behind the scenes documentary!

Various rumours over the last few months almost certainly stem from this and we can now be fairly confident that this is the sum total of their involvement in events. I still hold out for a quick McGann scene in Day of the Doctor though!

(O) Message Ends (O)

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