Who are the five companions from Night of the Doctor?

eighth-doctor-featureBy now I assume you have watched the Night of the Doctor and it is possible that one line may have intrigued you. The line in question is from just before the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) takes the potion to trigger his regeneration. He remembers five past companions for the last time in that incarnation and the names are: Charley, C’rizz, Lucie, Tamsin and Molly.

In case you don’t realise that these are all Big Finish companions I put together a piece for Starburst – The Eighth Doctor’s Five Companions Explained.

Red Rocket Rising

You might also not realise that this whole blog is named for the planet Red Rocket Rising from Lucie Miller’s first adventure Blood of the Daleks. Do feel free to browse around – there’s plenty on both Lucie and Charley and the others also crop up.

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