Details for the Early Adventures

Jean Marsh and Peter PurvesDetails have been released for the first season of Early Adventures from Big Finish. There will be four 2xCD releases covering various parts of the First Doctor‘s adventures with a good range of companions and writers. To quote the Big Finish news story:

Anyone who has heard our First and Second Doctor Lost Stories will be familiar with this format,” says producer David Richardson, “except here we have pushed the format to make these productions sound as much as possible like full cast drama.

The Four Releases

Each adventure is up for pre-order at £14.99 (CD) or £10.99 (download); the price for all four is slightly better at £45 or £40 respectively.

The titles are:

Domain of the Voord by Andrew Smith and starring Carole Ann Ford and William Russell released September 2014

The Doctor’s Tale by Marc Platt starring William Russell and Maureen o’Brien released October 2014

The Bounty of Ceres by Ian Potter starring Maureen o’Brien and Peter Purves released November 2014

An Ordinary Life by Matt Fitton starring Peter Purves and Jean Marsh released December 2014.

No synopses are available yet  but I am intrigued as to what Matt Fitton can do with Sara Kingdom. Everything seems intriguing though at this stage!

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