Doctor Who not cancelled?!

No, not a late April Foot just a sensational (and ironically intended) reference to a story in the UK press about the ratings / viewing figures for Saturday’s The Rings of Akhaten being called by some fans on twitter the worst episode ever. Now if you’ve read my review you will know I rather liked it despite many flaws. There is a decent article on Kasterborous you can read here but I thought I would have my twopence worth here…

The Facts

Overnight viewing is down one million on the level reached by The Bells of St John. Figures (which could be another 1.5 million) are yet to be added for iPlayer and time-slip viewers. A whole range of other recent audience figures are available and worth comparing – I found the following figures on Doctor Who TV which show how figures grow when these are added in:

Episode Overnight  BARB BARB + IPlayer
Asylum of the Daleks 6.4 million 8.3 million  10.49 million
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship 5.5 million 7.57 million  9.34 million
A Town Called Mercy 6.6 million 8.42 million  9.76 million
The Power of Three 5.5 million 7.67 million  9.02 million
The Angels Take Manhattan 5.9 million 7.82 million  8.73 million

It doesn’t take a lot of analysis to demonstrate that this is the same scale of drop as we have seen before, so no panic. Still some way to go to catch Kylie’s 13.31 million for Voyage of the Damned though!

The Worst Episode Ever?

As to the worst ever; as I said in my post which I wrote within a couple of hours, this was polarizing people on twitter. It was even quoted (in the press) as being as bad as Vincent and the Doctor. Now I don’t know about you, but I suspect more people rather liked Vincent and the Doctor than didn’t. As to worst episode, rather than argue I present my own list of candidates to be discussed:

  • Fear Her
  • Love and Monsters
  • Many classic episodes, particularly from the 80s and including Battlefield, Silver Nemesis…

What next – cancelled?

Clearly the show won’t be cancelled, at least not in the anniversary year, however at some point it will, inevitably, take another rest.

As to this year, the rest of this run of episodes has already been made so expect nothing new. I note that the anniversary show is still being filmed – I wonder if that might get tweaked as a result?

Thoughts? Let me know!

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