Big Finish Ice Warrior sale coming – now confirmed!

Big Finish are teasing a sssspecial offer this weekend on their Facebook page; given it is the same weekend we will be treated to Cold War on the TV I can only assume (like everyone else) that this means we will get a Big Finish Ice Warriors sale!

There was nothing mentioned in either Vortex or DWM 459 (the picture I used is from the cover) but surely we are in for a treat – it’s the first time the Ice Warriors have been on the TV in a new story since 1974’s Monster of Peladon.

What might that mean for a sale?

The possibilities are all confirmed!: £5 each, £40 the lot!

  • Main range #8: Red Dawn
  • Main range #98: Frozen Time
  • Main range #104: The Bride of Peladon
  • Main range #117: The Judgement of Isskar
  • Companion Chronicles 4.03: The Prisoner of Peladon
  • Lost Stories 1.02 Mission to Magnus
  • Lost Stories 2.03 Thin Ice
  • Eight Doctor Adventures 4.05: Deimos
  • Eight Doctor Adventures 4.06: The Resurrection of Mars
  • Bernice Summerfield: 3.3: Dance of the Dead
Now Judgement of Isskar was only just on offer and the two Eighth Doctor stories have also been on offer before. Being greedy (as I would buy several of them!) I would like to see all of them on sale. Possible but I suspect not likely and we may just get the Main range, Companion Chronicle and maybe the Benny story. Details as they emerge!
And emerge they did and it was everything!

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