Doctors’ Timelines on Bradley’s Basement

If there’s a positive from the closure of the Big Finish Forum, it’s people like Tim Bradley starting their own blog. Tim has called his Bradley’s Basement and here he now has a permanent home for his detailed Doctors’ Timelines. –{ Message Ends }–

River and the Doctor timeline

Wandering around I came across another infographic explaining some Doctor Who timelines (see last one here). This one has a go at the sequence of encounters (so far) between the Doctor and River Song. It all makes me wish I was artistic enough to have a go at some of the Big Finish sequences! Anyway,…

TV Timeline

This useful graphic appeared in my twitter feed (@helmstone fyi). A lovely piece of work that of course makes one wish for more – full size version is here. Enjoy! -+- Message Ends -+-

Timelines: The Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor‘s timeline is the most open to interpretation given all we know is one TV story and that he is in some ways the bridge to the new TV series from the Classic. To set out the sequence I will use the rule of ‘follow the companion’ (and the wiki entry – update October…