Robots 4 story details revealed

Big Finish has revealed story details for The Robots 04, currently my favourite of the spin-offs. The press release is below.

Robots 5 and 6 revealed!

When I reviewed The Robots Volume 3 on Cultbox, I praised the quality of this spin-off and wished for more. How little I knew, but the original four boxsets will be six! And there’s another Robots of Death actor appearance! Full details below…

Robots volume 3 review on Cultbox

For my money, The Robots is the best spin-off Big Finish has made for some years. I reviewed the latest volume on Cultbox: The Robots Volume 3 audio drama review. +++ Message Ends +++

Robots 3 update from Big Finish

Robots 3 is due out this month, and Big Finish has revealed a lot more information, including the identity of one of the directors! There’s also several cast reveals. Details below…

Robots 2 review on Cultbox

My review of The Robots Volume 2 is on CultBox: Robots Volume 2 audio drama review. I’m enjoying the series so far, great to hear the late David Collings as Poul, and it’s shaping nicely for future sets. –< Message Ends >–

Big Finish releases Robots 2

Good news for fans of Nicola Walker’s Liv Chenka (ie everyone?!), Big Finish has released Robots 2! Catch up with events in Kaldor City and welcome the return of the late David Collings as Poul and just enjoy three more stories with the Chenka sisters.

Robots Volume One review on CultBox

I think Robots Volume One is one of the Big Finish releases of the year, and said as much in my CultBox review: The Robots Volume One audio drama review. Many years ago when Liv Chenka first came to out ears with the Seventh Doctor I felt she’d make a great companion; with Robots Nicola…

More Robots news from Big Finish

When I first heard about the Robots boxsets I have to say I was thrilled. I’ve always admired Liv Chenka (as played by Nicola Walker) from her first appearance, and that has grown with her Eighth Doctor adventures. Big Finish has now announced more details of the three boxsets, making December’s first release something I’m…

The Robots is coming

With too little fanfare for my tastes, Big Finish has announced a new spin-off: The Robots with Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka. It’s Doctor free (as far as I can tell) and will be released from December 2019 as twelve stories over four three-disc sets, released every six months. This means it will run until…