Doctor Who has peaked – so what?

I got drawn (slightly) into one of those pointless on-line arguments where one persons shouts and the other tries to be rational. Waste of time. A certain kind of argument has been used by fans for years: the show is failing, it’s all because of XXX, we should sack XXX and do XXXX. My position…

Shock: Sensible article on Doctor Who ratings

Amidst all the sky is falling articles on the latest viewing figures (which while they could be pulling a larger audience, are up against the Rugby World cup) is a sensible piece on Digital Spy. Written by Morgan Jeffery, it is here: Doctor Who in crisis? The big questions facing the Saturday night sci-fi.

Ratings Panic: Part II

So, two episodes in and we’ve got a ratings panic over the ‘collapse’ in viewing figures for Into the Dalek, a superb story. It falls to Doctor Who TV to report: Into the Dalek UK Ratings and avoid the analysis about how the show lost over 2 million viewers thanks to the X-factor.