The Authentic Experience review

As it happens, I was in studio when Dan Starkey’s Short Trips: The Authentic Experience was recorded. My first impressions (and I mean first, this was the opening scene) of this great Sixth Doctor and Peri story were: Wow: I wish I’d thought of that Wow: isn’t Nicola Bryant an amazing voice artist? From memory director Lisa Bowerman and…

Doctor Who Audio Annual review

Congratulations to all those involved for creating the Doctor Who Audio Annual, released December 2017. Short review: if you like the Big Finish Short Trips range, this is an easy purchase. It’s currently £11.49 on Amazon UK, which for six stories over two discs compares well pricewise. The six stories (from Doctor Who Annuals mid-1960s- mid-1980s) are read by five…

2017 Doctor Who Short Trips rarities released

The latest set of a Short Trips Rarities are now out, with great covers and there’s plenty to choose from (see here). Released just at the end of September 2017, there’s also an accompanying weekend sale on Short Trips. If nothing else it’s a chance to pick up a copy of A Full Life. You could also my story Rulebook,…

Big Finish Summer 2017 sale

Something different for summer 2017, a two-week sale across a range of titles, including some very recent. Outside of the various Doctor Who ranges, there are offers on the first set of Prisoner stories (and the second set is out soon), and Survivors series 3. Full details on the news item: BIG FINISH SUMMER LISTENING OFFERS! Of course on this blog…

Learn the Science of the Time Lords!

The National Space Centre in Leicester are holding an event titled Science of the Time Lords, the weekend of January 28/29 2017. It looks like a great line up of events and guests include Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred (and tons more, including Dan Starkey and Terry Molloy). *** Message Ends ***

Rulebook published!

So, the day has come and has been long prepared for. My Doctor Who Short Trips story, Rulebook is out today! It’s available here, and my thanks to Ian Atkins the producer, Lisa Bowerman the director (and responsible for post-production) and Nicola Bryant for her excellent performance. !!! Message Ends !!!

Trailer for Rulebook now live

The trailer for my October 2o16 Short Trips story, Rulebook read by Nicola Bryant is now on the Big Finish website. Roll on October! +++ Message Ends +++

Attack of the Cybermen reviewed

To call Attack of the Cybermen a confused collage of tropes and ideas might be easy and justified but misses the point. In many ways less than the sum of its parts, it is not without some merits, even if it needed trimming back and reshaping. Whence does this confusion arise? Well the clue may be in…

Short Trips Prime Winner reviewed on CultBox

My review of February’s Short Trips story Prime Winner is now live on Cultbox. It’s a Sixth Doctor story with Peri, as read by Nicola Bryant and written by Nigel Fairs. See my thoughts here: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in February 2016 from Big Finish. <<- Message Ends ->>

Peri joins Doctor Who Legacy

The latest newsletter from Tiny Rebel Games brings news of Peri joining the game (no details on gem colour / ability – I guess blue). There’s also news of an Easter Egg hunt (they did one before), new gem skins and extensions to The Event. That’s two Peri news items in a week! ::= Message Ends =::

Two Peri Short Trips announced

Over on FaceBook Big Finish has announced details of two more Short Trips releases: a Fifth Doctor and Peri story by Tony Jones called Rule Book and a Sixth Doctor and Peri story written by Dan Starkey called The Authentic Experience. And yes that is me on the left at Moat Studio watching as Lisa Bowerman and Nicola Bryant brought my…

Subscriber Short Trips 2012 reviewed

My peruse of the Subscriber Short Trips range hits 2012. Four stories, first and last read by John Banks, second and third by Stephen Critchlow. We have the usual mix of Doctors and companions and plenty to enjoy.