Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual now available!

Terraqueous Distributors has released the Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual and it’s available to buy on Lulu here. If you don’t know it’s a fan recreation of a Sixth Doctor annual that never was, and includes Peri, Mel, The Rani and The Master.

Details of Doctor Who Christmas Special 2019!

Before you get too excited, it’s the Big Finish Doctor Who main range release Blood on Santa’s Claw. That said, this four short story release looks like one heck of a Christmas treat. Details below:

Peri and Sixie: what happened after The Trial?

Back in 2014, Big Finish started to tell Peri’s story subsequent to the events of The Trial of a Timelord. These started with The Widow’s Assassin, but we only had one short run. Recent Sixth Doctor and Peri stories hopped back to Peri’s earlier time on the show. Big Finish has now created Doctor Who…

Under Odin’s Eye review

May 2019’s Short Trips story was Under Odin’s Eye, by Alice Cavender. It’s a Sixth Doctor and Peri adventure, read with her usual skill by Nicola Bryant and directed (with all her usual skill!) by Helen Goldwyn. I reviewed it for CultBox: Doctor Who Short Trips: Under Odin’s Eye review. Short review: it’s great, go…

What did the Sixth Doctor do for the show?

So, time to ask the same question I’ve already asked about the previous few Doctor incarnations: what did the Sixth Doctor do for the show? I’m not dwelling on the negatives, this isn’t another dig at Colin Baker’s time on TV, it’s about the positives and the noteworthy. Yes the context was bad, but there…

Revelation of the Daleks review

I turn my attention to one of the two Sixth Doctor stories to get a 4* rating from the Radio Times. Yes, time to rewatch the Eric Saward story Revelation of the Daleks. When this story was broadcast in March 1985 I was still watching the show around starting a new job. My memories have…

Two more Lost Stories announced for November 2019

Big Finish has announced two Lost Stories will be released November 2019; Stephen Gallagher’s Fifth Doctor adventure Nightmare Country and the Wally K Daly Sixth Doctor story The Ultimate Evil (the picture shows Nicola Bryant, Wally and Colin Baker). I’ve long since wanted to hear Wally’s story having discovered some of his other work on…

Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual cover reveal

The cover for The Unofficial 1987 Dr Who Annual has now been fully revealed (left) and it’s cracking! I’m really intrigued by the jungle setting and can’t wait to get a copy of this as and when it comes out. Details on the FaceBook page linked above. <:> Message Ends <:>

Unofficial 1987 Annual teaser

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1987 has started some teaser cover reveals for their Sixth Doctor project. No news (yet) on the content but I’m already very interested! More when as it happens. <<< Message Ends >>>

Temporal Logbook II now published

My Fifth Doctor and Peri story Flowers in the Rain is now published along with the rest of the unauthorised charity collection Temporal Logbook II. It looks like a great set of stories, some familiar names among the authors and a massive 336 pages! Do let me know what you make of it! +++ Message Ends +++

The Caves from The Sevateem

Just launched by electronic music duo Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer (aka The Sevateem) is a whole album of original music called The Caves. And in case you’re wondering, this is, of course, a Doctor Who themed album, inspired by a certain 1984 story for the Fifth Doctor and Peri. You might think a whole album based on Caves…

Temporal Logbook II story details revealed

Pencil Tip Publishing has revealed details of the stories in the about to be published Temporal Logbook II. The full set can be found here: STORY LINEUP. The picture on the left is of the Cambridge Botanic Garden, relevant to my Fifth Doctor and Peri story, Flowers in the Rain.