The coming of the Doctor Chronicles

An intriguing new-Who announcement from Big Finish this week with The Doctor Chronicles. It’s a lot like the Companion Chronicles for the ninth – eleventh Doctors, with Nick Briggs voicing the Doctors. First up is a Ninth Doctor boxset for Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri, pictured) and Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley). The news item is: DOCTOR WHO – THE DOCTOR CHRONICLES! The set…

Eccleston won’t reprise Ninth Doctor any time soon

As part of this week’s Big Finish podcast (May #5, 16 May 2016) Nick Briggs confirmed Christopher Ecccleston will not be back in the TARDIS anytime soon. With recent news on licence extension and the release of the Tenth Doctor Adventures fans were optimistic for even more news. It seems Big Finish has approached Eccleston who…

The Doctor Who Companion launches

March 26, 2016 saw the launch of a new blog – The Doctor Who Companion. If you want the full experience there’s the inevitable FaceBook page, and a twitter feed. There’s plenty of material to get stuck into already. Why not pop over and let me know what you think?

The almost Day of the Doctor

Full marks to Bleeding Cool for their article How Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Looked When Christopher Eccleston Was Still In It – And Billie Piper Wasn’t. Drawn from the recent release by storyboard creator Andrew Wildman of sketches from Day of the Doctor it gives a fascinating glimpse of the anniversary show we could have had.

The Churchill Years Volume 1 reviewed

An interesting beast, this collection of stories returns Ian McNeice to the role of Winston Churchill and covers all the newly licensed incarnations of the Doctor (ie ninth – eleventh). It has no TV companions, instead relying on a range of other characters to act as ersatz companions. For me this was an interesting set…

The Churchill Years – first thoughts

Another of the many titles announced today as Big Finish strives into new-Who territory is The Churchill Years. Of the titles announced, this feels most like a one-off (and no doubt will be followed by further Churchill stories!) The setting seems to include World War II; I hope we get some young Churchill in this as well.…

Ten years of Captain Jack

It’s ten years since Captain Jack Harkness first appeared in The Empty Child with the Ninth Doctor and Rose. Lots of people marking this yesterday (May 21st) and for me, this Metro piece is as good as many of them: Captain Jack joined Doctor Who 10 years ago – John Barrowman’s best bits. Enjoy! <|> Message Ends <|>