Bernice Summerfield Unbound Universe review on Cultbox

I reviewed Bernice Summerfield Volume 3: The Unbound Universe over on CultBox. I loved this set, Lisa Bowerman and David Warner were fantastic and Sam Kisgart did his best. The review is: ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off review: ‘New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 3’. +++ Message Ends +++

Nightshade reviewed

Nightshade is the latest in the series of rather ad hoc adaptations of Seventh Doctor  novels. Originally written for Virgin New Adventures by Mark Gatiss and adapted by Kyle C Szikora it gives us a Doctor in moody humour and this gives Ace plenty of chance to get to explore on her own as people in…

Benny Unbound

Another Big Finish announcement (first revealed in DWM) is the next Bernice Summerfield boxset will be The Unbound Universe. A surprise to me in that it uses the unbound David Warner and the unbound Mark Gatiss (aka Sam Kisgart) Master. I thought, from comments I’d heard at a Big Finish Day, that the Unbound stories weren’t likely…

Sleep No More – some thoughts

Rather than a review, I’m just going to collect together some thoughts as my normal structure doesn’t best serve Sleep No More. This Mark Gatiss Twelfth Doctor story has no opening credits (almost, apart from in an initial word-search), a curious plot and a novel (for Doctor Who) narrative approach — the so-called found footage style of films such as The Blair…

Big Finish novel adaptation news

The announcements continue! We’ve had the licence, we’ve had The Doom Coalition, now it’s the turn of the novel adaptations. There is also an announcement due tomorrow! Today’s announcement is here: DOCTOR WHO: THE NOVEL ADAPTATIONS CONTINUE! This means lots more Seventh Doctor. Bundles are available! My thoughts (such as they are, I’ve read few of the Virgin Adventures)…

Robot of Sherwood reviewed

The Twelfth Doctor flirts with the fourth wall in the Mark Gatiss story Robot of Sherwood. Yes, it’s Robin Hood meets the Doctor – all we need is a drop of Bond and Sherlock and that’s a Top Trumps deck of British heroes worthy of any adventure. That aside, how was it?

Thoughts ahead of Robot of Sherwood

Robot of Sherwood is penned by Mark Gatiss so we expect something a little strange for the Twelfth Doctor. The title would seem to give a substantial clue to the story – this won’t be the actual Robin Hood and the robots probably mean some sort of re-creation.

Sirens of Time reviewed

If you were lucky enough to be a fan of Big Finish from its earliest days July 1999 was a landmark with the release of the first Doctor Who story Sirens of Time. Fifteen years later how does it stand up?

An Adventure in Space and Time – some thoughts

If you want a full review of Mark Gatiss’s An Adventure in Space and Time  then try something like JR Southall’s detailed piece which you can find here – TV Review: AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME. As for me, I enjoyed it as a piece of drama which naturally had to cut some corners in order to…

An Adventure in Space and Time broadcast date

Over on twitter @BBCTwo have confirmed the following about the Mark Gatiss anniversary docudrama: *News* An Adventure in Space and Time, our drama showing the origins of #doctorwho, will be shown on 21 Nov at 9pm -+- Message Ends -+-

The Crimson Horror reviewed

Series 7B of Doctor Who continues with The Crimson Horror a Mark Gatiss story set in Victorian England and allowing the latest Clara to meet with the Paternoster Square gang – Vastra, Strax and Jenny. Will they mention The Snowmen? I think the set-up for this has a lot of potential even if I generally find…

The return of the Paternoster Square Gang!

Looking forward to Saturday 4th of May (or Star Wars day as it is also know) we wet our lips at the thought of the return of the Paternoster Square gang of Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny. This and a Mark Gatiss script featuring characters played by Diana Rigg and her real-life daughter makes The Crimson…