An Adventure in Space and Time – some thoughts

An-Adventure-in-Space-and-Time-The Doctor and SusanIf you want a full review of Mark Gatiss’s An Adventure in Space and Time  then try something like JR Southall’s detailed piece which you can find here – TV Review: AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIMEAs for me, I enjoyed it as a piece of drama which naturally had to cut some corners in order to fit into ninety minutes. I though it was respectful and affectionate and gave glimpses of several deeper stories and if it pursued none of them it acted like a jamboree bag given some flavours of many of them

My overwhelming impressions are:

  • How did it every get made given how the BBC seemed to operate?
  • It could very well have ended up as a very different beast
  • How did anything ever get made?
  • There are too many stories – the impact of Terry Nation for one, never mind more on the others.

The target audience was interested viewers with (I suspect) enough to keep the fans on board. For me it achieved that.

I’d welcome the thoughts of others!

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