Torchwood on Mars and other 2020 releases

Big Finish has announced details of the most varied selection of new Torchwood titles I can remember since they started. Hold onto your hats! Sgt Andy Davidson is fresh from Baker Street and the Eighth Doctor Stranded range and here he is, back in Torchwood and on Mars! Full details follow…

Torchwood: Serenity review

Writer James Moran takes Jack and Ianto to Serenity Plaza, exclusive gated community. It’s very much Stepford Wives meets that X-files episode where Mulder & Scully pretend to be married (Arcadia). Neither of these are bad ideas and perhaps nowhere as bad as moving to Serenity Plaza to look for aliens! Welcome to Torchwood: Serenity!

Torchwood One – Latter Days review

What might (if they stick to the timeline) be the final Torchwood One release, Latter Days is a well-conceived piece of drama. There’s a simple idea running through – retirement and later life. It’s also a great set of stories for exploring Ianto and Yvonne Hartman.

Torchwood: The Last Beacon review

It’s Torchwood: The Last Beacon, it’s Ianto Jones and Owen Harper, it’s Gareth David-Lloyd’s first Big Finish credit as a writer. Gosh. You spoil us, once again Big Finish. So, it’s a title with much to recommend on paper, but does the actual produce live up to expectations? Short review: Yes. Long review? If you…

Torchwood: The Office of Never Was review

Once again, James Goss demonstrates his mastery of the dramatic in this latest Torchwood release, The Office of Never Was. Gareth David-Lloyd stars as the much-missed Ianto Jones in this hour-long story set in a deserted office block. It starts spooky, and ends by explaining just how Ianto manages the ethical dilemmas working with Torchwood throws up. It’s…

Torchwood One: Before the Fall review on Cultbox

I listened to the excellent Torchwood One: Before the Fall and put my thoughts together for Cultbox: ‘Torchwood One: Before the Fall’ review: We learn more about what makes Ianto tick.

Torchwood: Broken review

With a now familiar, and relentless, pursuit of perfection, Big Finish has released another superb Torchwood release in the form of Broken. Stand up Joe Lidster and take a well-deserved bow for this tale of Ianto Jones and his early relationship with Jack Harkness. Gareth David-Lloyd and John Barrowman in one release — is there room for any…

Torchwood Outbreak announced

Well, now we know at least one of the recent secret projects is a November 2016 release of a full-cast three-disc boxset Torchwood: Outbreak. The cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen and Tom Price. This was announced on the latest podcast. That still leaves four stories unaccounted for! <-> Message Ends <->

What are Big Finish cooking up next for Torchwood?

Big Finish has been teasing something new with Torchwood. From various twitter and FaceBook posts, we know John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd were recording something in Cardiff yesterday (May 17, 2016). We have some clues but need more — it looks like we might hear something official later today. Is it full cast Torchwood? I’d like to…

Torchwood: Fall to Earth review

As Gareth David-Lloyd says, right at the start, The Twentieth Century is when it all happens, and Ianto Jones is ready. Yes, it’s the second story in the new Torchwood range, Fall to Earth by James Goss, and Ianto is falling to his death on-board the SkyPuncher for its inaugural private space flight. Get out of that one, Ianto!