Early Adventures 6.1 Home Guard review on CultBox

I reviewed Simon Guerrier’s Home Guard for CultBox: The Home Guard – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.1 audio review. It’s a quirky but good Second Doctor tale with Ben, Polly and Jamie along with the Dreyfus Master. There are suggestions this might be Elliot’s last time playing Ben – let’s hope not. *** Message Ends…

The Outliers review on Cultbox

My review of the Early Adventures Doctor Who story The Outliers is up on Cultbox: Doctor Who Early Adventures: The Outliers review. I’m a big fan of this crew and period, and Simon Guerrier always brings something interesting to the table. I have to note how well embedded Elliot Chapman’s Ben Jackson is in our consciousness….

The Night Witches review

I reviewed the great historical Early Adventures: The Night Witches for Cultbox: The Night Witches (Doctor Who audio) review. It’s a cracking story, and everyone is at the top of their game. It’s the first of a bunch of stories by Roland Moore, and on the strength of this we are in for a treat. +++ Message…

First Doctor CC Volume 2 review

I’m catching up with some listening, and it’s time to talk Companion Chronicles The First Doctor Volume 2. It’s a great set of stories, and producer Ian Atkins has really pushed the envelope on the art of the possible with this set. You want more? Oh, alright then!

Philip Hinchcliffe The Genesis Chamber review

With a full title of Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Volume 02: The Genesis Chamber, this is another three-disc outing for the Fourth Doctor and Leela. Adapted by Marc Platt, it’s a mix of drama, romance and the odd moment of horror. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend it. Why? Let’s find out…

The Second Doctor Volume One reviewed

It’s the turn of the Second Doctor to have a boxset in the re-launched Companion Chronicles range. The Doctor may be the titular focus of the stories, but this set is really about his evolving relationship with Jamie. There’s no big arc, just a sense of coherence about these four stories in they all give an…

Win a TARDIS with Pearl Mackie!

So, we survived our football announcement and now we know, Pearl Mackie is new companion Bill. The internet has had the expected wave of opinion in polar extreme, and we have little in the way of facts to go on, though the BBC has plenty of Twelfth Doctor and Bill teasers, and even a Meet Pearl Mackie…

The Forsaken reviewed on CultBox

I reviewed the Early Adventure: The Forsaken as part of the CultBox monthly Doctor Who round-up with Ian McArdell. A great Justin Richards Second Doctor story, this has Frazer Hines (Jamie), Anneke Wills (Polly) and Elliot Chapman (Ban Jackson). The review is: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in October 2015 from Big Finish. (** Message Ends **)

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson Part II

In Playing Ben Jackson Part I, Elliot Chapman (shown dressed as Sixie at Big Finish Day 7) talked in great depth about approaching the role of Ben Jackson and gave a unique actor’s insight into how Michael Craze originally performed with the First Doctor. In this second part Elliot talks about Ben’s time with the Second Doctor, and Jamie….

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson – Part I

Actor Elliot Chapman has attracted some attention among Big Finish fans for his casting as Ben Jackson in the Early Adventures range. If you’ve heard The Yes Men, you will know how good a job Elliot made of the role; he was sensitive to Michael Craze’s performance without being a slavish copy.

Yes Men reviewed on Starburst

My review of the Simon Guerrier Early Adventures story The Yes Men, is on Starburst (The Yes Men (Doctor Who)). This has much to recommend it and enjoy, but I focussed on Eliot Chapman in his first appearance as Ben Jackson. Do feel free to give feedback! [=] Message Ends [=]

Simon Guerrier’s handy guide to Ben and Polly

Simon Guerrier has produced a handy blog post about Ben and Polly – Ben and Polly in Doctor Who. It covers everything they did on TV with the First and Second Doctors, and is a useful primer ahead of reading Simon’s The Yes Men. Simon’s new Early Adventures brings us the first outing for Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson (and…