This Sporting Life review on Starburst

I reviewed the Una McCormack Short Trips: This Sporting Life on Starburst. It’s a charming tale set 50 years ago, back when England were about to win the World Cup, but someone has stolen the trophy! Enter the Doctor, Steven and Dodo in this charming First Doctor story.

The Horror at Bletchington Station reviewed

Chris Wing kick off 2016’s Subscriber Short Trips with The Horror at Bletchington Station, a story for the First Doctor and Dodo, as read by Stephen Critchlow. Chris previously wrote The Final Star a story appearing in the 2008 collection Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life. A long overdue return…

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson – Part I

Actor Elliot Chapman has attracted some attention among Big Finish fans for his casting as Ben Jackson in the Early Adventures range. If you’ve heard The Yes Men, you will know how good a job Elliot made of the role; he was sensitive to Michael Craze’s performance without being a slavish copy.