Robots 4 review

I’ve decided The Robots is my current favourite Big Finish spin-off, and Robots 4 keeps up the good work. I reviewed it for Cultbox here: The Robots 4 audio drama review — three more enthralling tales. +++ Message Ends +++

Robots 4 story details revealed

Big Finish has revealed story details for The Robots 04, currently my favourite of the spin-offs. The press release is below.

Robots 5 and 6 revealed!

When I reviewed The Robots Volume 3 on Cultbox, I praised the quality of this spin-off and wished for more. How little I knew, but the original four boxsets will be six! And there’s another Robots of Death actor appearance! Full details below…

Robots 3 update from Big Finish

Robots 3 is due out this month, and Big Finish has revealed a lot more information, including the identity of one of the directors! There’s also several cast reveals. Details below…