Christopher Eccleston returns to Doctor Who

Big Finish has added some excitement to a sultry (in the UK) Sunday afternoon with massive news. The headline says it all, details are in the news item. Christopher Eccleston back as the Ninth Doctor. Nothing is impossible! *** Message Ends ***

A Second Target for Tommy

Obverse Books has announced a second collection of Doctor Who material in aid of writer Tommy Donbavand, called A Second Target for Tommy. As I don’t personally know Tommy, I’ll give the official press release:

Eccleston won’t reprise Ninth Doctor any time soon

As part of this week’s Big Finish podcast (May #5, 16 May 2016) Nick Briggs confirmed Christopher Ecccleston will not be back in the TARDIS anytime soon. With recent news on licence extension and the release of the Tenth Doctor Adventures fans were optimistic for even more news. It seems Big Finish has approached Eccleston who…

Christopher Eccleston on leaving Doctor Who

Christopher Eccleston has talked (briefly) about leaving the show on the Radio 4 show Loose Ends. We all believed it was due to some unspecified dispute so this tells us little more. He did refuse the anniversary show so clearly it was a big deal. At least he is professional enough to refuse to be drawn…