2020 Doctor Who Calendar options

After last year’s 2019 Doctor Who Calendar madness, this time around we have several options combining all currently known TV incarnations of the Doctor (OK, Valeyard excluded). I’ve gone for the most economically priced (ie cheapest) as shown. It’s based on the New portraits of the Doctors and despite being shown, Amazon reviews suggest the…

2019 Doctor Who Calendar madness

Here’s a thing – I buy a Doctor Who calendar each year, and with the various numbers of Doctors, getting them all in twelve months has been a challenge and I did wonder how the official calendar would deal with 2019 and Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. The answer? Two different calendars! If you want the new Doctor…

Stuart Manning 2-18 calendar

I’m a big fan of Stuart Manning’s art work, and pleased to see a 2018 calendar now available. It’s called the Retro Visions Calendar 2018 and available now to pre-order. — Message Ends —

Stuart Manning 2017 Calendar

If you like Stuart Manning’s Doctor Who posters, you might like to treat yourself to a calendar. If you do, pop over to Red Bubble: Retro Visions. *** Message Ends ***